making money with your google account

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows you to make money on Youtube videos, blogs and websites. Companies pay to advertise their products, and you get a share of that money as your website or YouTube appear in the ads. You can set up an account with Google Adsense for free.
How Much Money Can You Make From Google Adsense?

The money you earn is measured in Cost Per Click (CPC). It’s the money you get when someone clicks on an ad on your website.

For example, 2000 Views Received This Month, 1.5% Of These People Clicked Ads Which Is 30 Clicks. If The Company Knows That (Bid) Of 75 Cents Per Click, You Will Receive $ 22.5 That Month

How Can You Make More Money?

You should always write interesting headlines and write quality articles to get more readers.

It is also important to write long articles, so that your website has a good time.

How To Get More Readers?

Media that many people can follow. Like, Facebook, Youtube And Twitter. It Is Important To Make Your Website Social. It is also important that you keep writing and that your website always makes money.

Do not break the rules?

Google Adsense has an ethical policy. You must not write articles based on; Hate, Insults, Copywrite, Pornography and Drug Trafficking.

Does Google Adsense Work in Somalia?

Of course, you have seen young people in this country making money on Youtube. Google Adsense does not recognize Somalia but you can operate it by typing in your home address and bank card.

And you will get your money every month.


Unemployment In The Country We Know, But We Always Offer Young People Opportunities To Work Online. You can take advantage of this Google Adsense opportunity. Either Blogging Or Youtube Channel.

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