Loughborough University International Students Scholarships 2023/2024


Loughborough University International Students Scholarships

It is rare to find universities that combines sports with academia. This prestigious Loughborough University located in England, however, not only do very well in balancing both but uses this outstanding combination as its best selling-point. From its humble beginnings it was established as a small technical institute back in the 1900s, this institution has now grown to a massive 440-acre hub, attracting the best talent in sports and other fields.

Loughborough University takes its pride in being the unrivaled leading university in sport. For the fourth year in a row, it has appeared in the top of the list of the global 2020 QS Higher Education league table in all sports-related subjects and has as well been named by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022 as the Sports University of the Year. This remarkable achievement is due to the institutions unparalleled hard work. For more than 60 years now, the university has used only the best facilities, coaches and goal oriented partnerships with some sports organizations to provide the best opportunities for the athletes of the future.

Furthermore, apart from sporting activities, Loughborough University strives to build well-rounded students on the court and as well off the court. The university highly values its cutting-edge and research of global importance. Key themes are; sustainable energies, current problems of transport and infrastructure, innovative healthcare and disaster risk management.

In addition, outside the classroom, the university involves in founding roles through partnerships with industries and organizations, which includes; the Manufacturing Technology Center, and the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities. Also, it provides its students with opportunities to participate on real business problems, through consultancy projects, research commercialization and knowledge transfer partnerships.

Be it in sport, academia or otherwise, what strengthens the Loughborough identity since its inception is its highly-rated student experience. The university settings encourage its students to uncover their solutions and provides real-world opportunities by the standard of industry connections and placements. Obviously, this approach has been working for Loughborough University, being placed in top spots in key 2022 university rankings: 7th place out of 130 UK universities and in The Complete University Guide and ranking 10th place out of 121 universities in The Guardian League Table.

Whether you are an athlete or not, there is a place available for everyone here at Loughborough University. And with the institutions decorated list of accolades, this university is one you will want to enroll in. Check out some available scholarships in Loughborough University:

Loughborough University Scholarships

Loughborough University Undergraduate Scholarships Section

1. Music and Arts Scholarships

  • Eligibility: outstanding and talented students in the field of arts.
  • Scholarship Value: Covers up to 200 GBP and free tuition for a period for one year.

In order to greatly empower well-rounded students under the university, Loughborough sponsors about nine Music and Arts Scholarships award among exceptionally talented scholars in the field of arts. These Loughborough University scholarships awards are offered in creative writing or spoken word, multimedia arts, performing arts and, instrumental and vocal music. Interested students may apply at the beginning of the year, and will be given a cash prize of 200 GBP and mentoring or free tuition for the period of one year. In fact, the university provides its students with opportunities to perform and organize events to showcase and display their art.

2. International Scholarships

  • Eligibility: Self-financed international undergraduate with outstanding academic achievement.
  • Scholarship Value: covers 25% tuition waiver on the first academic year

This Loughborough University scholarship offer is a merit-based program awarded to self-financed international undergraduate with outstanding academic performance. On the other hand, students are automatically considered for the award upon their application into the university. No other additional requirements are needed; moreover, it is very important to note that the majority of courses in Loughborough University require an A-Levels score of at least AAA or an equivalent record.

Both the accepted and qualified students for the offer will be informed by the University’s Admissions Office, and will receive a 25% tuition waiver award for their first year of study period.

3. Hardship Fund

  • Eligibility: Students with a level of unforeseen financial challenges
  • Scholarship Value: Vary for each awardee depending on your financial challenges (at times).

The Hardship Fund is a one-time subsidy offered to scholars who are having unforeseen financial difficulty. Applications will be given on a case-to-case basis. The normal payout is computed as the difference between the students’ available funds and expenses, capped at about 2,500 GBP. Moreover, since the fund provisions for this award are limited, beneficiaries of this program are as well limited.

Loughborough University Postgraduate Scholarships Section

The university also have some available variety of postgraduate scholarships as follows:

1. The Chevening Scholarships offer

  • Eligibility: International and foreign students (the USA and the EU not included) with leadership potential and ambition in their respective fields of study. With upper second-class (2:1) honors or equivalent and have not less than two years of cumulative work experience. And who applied to the university before applying for the scholarship application.
  • Scholarship Value: Covers the full tuition waiver for only one year of study
  • Degree Program: Master’s

The Chevening Scholarships is a United Kingdom-financed scholarship program overseen by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other external bodies. Currently, there are over 44,000 Chevening alumni who have benefited from this program, through its comprehensive sponsorship of its awardee’s one year of Master’s study, the award also covers round trip airfare to and from the United Kingdom, monthly stipend for living expenses and travel allowances. The Chevening Scholarships is also offered by a number of UK universities as well as Loughborough University.

International scholars (the USA and the EU not included) with good ambition and leadership potential in their various fields of study are can apply for this scholarship. Most importantly, they must have an upper second-class (2:1) honors or equivalent to show for their academic record. The student is required to have not less than two years of cumulative work experience. And must have applied to the university before applying for the scholarship application.

The application process spans for a period of eight months in total. Interested eligible students are required to submit their applications via the Chevening website to be cross checked by the reading committee. The shortlisted applicants will be asked to provide two reference letters and academic transcripts. They will be given an interview appointment with the committee. After the above, another round of deliberations will be conducted after the interviews to produce the final list of qualified students for the award.

2. The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

  • Eligibility: International students with upper second class (2:1) honors or equivalent from participating countries. And with financial need.
  • Scholarship Value: the offer covers full tuition waiver for a period of one year, monthly living allowance, free round trip airfare and, where applicable, a thesis/study travel grant.
  • Degree Program: Master’s

The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships is another scholarship sponsored by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office, it is for high-potential talent in participating Commonwealth countries enrolled in a Master’s course at Loughborough University. The organization goal is to provide these students with a world-class education for them to significantly impact development of their home countries. Scholars from eligible countries that have upper second class (2:1) honors or equivalent exhibiting some level of financial need can apply for this offer.

Applications together with the necessary documents are submitted through the online application platform. These documents includes; academic transcripts, two reference letters and proof of citizenship. Students are required to create a Personal Statement stating in details their motivations for the scholarship, a Statement of Relevance with a detail of their work experience and its effect on their desired Master’s degree, and a Development Impact statement stating the impact of the scholarship on the student’s country of origin, with detail on how they plan to carry out these changes when they graduate. In addition, these documents must be supported by referrals who can vouch for the applicant’s ability to achieve the stated goals, plus a nomination from Loughborough University.

Candidates will be assessed based on the impact of their plan on society, their potential, the quality and feasibility of the plan. Upon acceptance, the students will receive a full tuition fee waiver for one year of study, the award also covers monthly living allowance, free round trip airfare and a thesis/study travel grant, where necessary.

3. The Alumni Bursary

  • Eligibility: International alumni of Loughborough University that are applying as self-financed student and under a full-time postgraduate program.
  • Scholarship Value: Covers up to 10% off tuition fees.
  • Degree Program: Master’s, Ph.D.

To encourage the Loughborough undergraduate alumni to further their studies, the university offers up to a 10% discount off postgraduate tuition fees. All international scholars with an undergraduate degree from Loughborough University that are applying as self-financed student under a full-time postgraduate program are eligible for the offer. Hence no applications are required to apply.

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